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Day 1: Bloom NOW!

Many times in our lives we might have wanted to do something; Something bizarre, something that we are not sure about, still want to do, bothered about what other’s might think, unable to decide whether its worth doing or not. Something that is different from stereotypes. I know you have a long list of that sort. We all have.

Some of us wait for the right time to come.

Some of us keep sleeping on the idea forever.

Some of us try hard to make ourselves believe that its not worthy.

Be daring. Understand that its just a tug of war between mind and brain. Its not required that always brain should win. Real meaning of our life itself lies in the pursuit of such ideas and ventures. Its your life. You have to take a call. If you are bold enough to account for it, nobody else have a say in that. Do not bother if you are doing what others are not doing or vice versa. Be non-obligatory. We have the whole sky free to fly. Do not always wait for rain and sunshine to bloom.

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Welcome to 365 Days !!!

Hello there,

This is the first post on my new blog series categorized as ” 365 Days “. As owner of a dreamy mind, I never have a drought of thoughts. Rather, I get issues with floods very often! 🙂 From tomorrow, I want to share a thought with you all, daily, for the next 365 days. It might be a thought, a wish, a glimpse of life, a story…anything, but short for sure. At this very moment, I have a severe time crunch with my research work at full-swing. However, I am sure it will be a nice journey to remember since my heart calls for it. So, lets see what is going to hit me tomorrow!! Don’t hesitate to join me in the outset ! Let me know what you think. Keep talking as we go along!!

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