Day 1: Bloom NOW!

Many times in our lives we might have wanted to do something; Something bizarre, something that we are not sure about, still want to do, bothered about what other’s might think, unable to decide whether its worth doing or not. Something that is different from stereotypes. I know you have a long list of that sort. We all have.

Some of us wait for the right time to come.

Some of us keep sleeping on the idea forever.

Some of us try hard to make ourselves believe that its not worthy.

Be daring. Understand that its just a tug of war between mind and brain. Its not required that always brain should win. Real meaning of our life itself lies in the pursuit of such ideas and ventures. Its your life. You have to take a call. If you are bold enough to account for it, nobody else have a say in that. Do not bother if you are doing what others are not doing or vice versa. Be non-obligatory. We have the whole sky free to fly. Do not always wait for rain and sunshine to bloom.

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Welcome to 365 Days !!!

Hello there,

This is the first post on my new blog series categorized as ” 365 Days “. As owner of a dreamy mind, I never have a drought of thoughts. Rather, I get issues with floods very often! 🙂 From tomorrow, I want to share a thought with you all, daily, for the next 365 days. It might be a thought, a wish, a glimpse of life, a story…anything, but short for sure. At this very moment, I have a severe time crunch with my research work at full-swing. However, I am sure it will be a nice journey to remember since my heart calls for it. So, lets see what is going to hit me tomorrow!! Don’t hesitate to join me in the outset ! Let me know what you think. Keep talking as we go along!!

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What I mean to someone? or Anyone?

I find myself entangled 

In my toil to find what I mean to someone

or anyone

How am I relevant?

in any way?

some way?

to some one ?

or any one?

Days pass by

I think I grew up

People think she grew up

But its never happening

still entangled

as ever before

Does anyone know?

How to find my answer?

Where to find my answer?

How much more should I grow up?

To find my real answers?

To the question:

What I mean to someone? Or anyone?

Wah Taj!

Every one knows about Taj. The timeless embodiment of love of emperor Shah Jahan for his lady Mumtaz. It is one of the marvelous creation of man on earth. All of us have heard about the story and beauty of Taj, many times, in books, media and word of mouth. But I bet you, whatever expectations you have about the pleasure of seeing it by whatever you heard or know, you will get dumbstruck the moment you enter the great gateway of Taj, the Darwaza l Rauza. The magnificent building in the capital city of India is indescribable in simple words and pleasure of a life time to just be in its vicinity. If you have not been blessed yet to have had a visit, I would urge you to make it happen soon.

On my much awaited visit to Delhi, Taj was in the must-visit list. Yet, due to the fact that tourism was not my primary motive behind Delhi visit, I was not sure whether I could make it possible.And also, to be frank, even though a lot was heard about the monument I was not much curious about it since I was like.. after all its just an old building in white marble. Here I have to mention that, I am the kind of person who just get irritated when I find myself that things that are much talked about by people are just hyped; and it happened with me so many times.  But this time, it was so stupid of me to think like that.

We took a train from Delhi and reached Agra around 5 in the evening. We went to our hotel which was situated at a walk-able distance from Taj’s eastern gate. Ola and Uber was at your call, everywhere in Delhi and you will never find difficulty in commuting. I wanted to roam around the place before night but since we were tired, decided to just enjoy the food there and prepare for an early morning visit to Taj. There are a few special days every year, during which Taj is open for night viewing. But bookings for that need to be done 24 hours prior and this I came to know after reaching there and this particular day was such a kind! I dearly missed it and there was nothing I could do to get a ticket. More info about this opportunity can be found in this link Taj night viewing.

Everything that we could see there was in some way connected to Taj and its stories. In the stairways of the hotel, at every turn of the steps, there were displays of original photographs of Taj taken at different years. It was arranged in chronological order as we go up to fourth floor from ground floor.



Our dinner was arranged on the terrace of our hotel and we could enjoy a blurred view of Taj in moon light at a little distance away. It was like a teaser for the next day :-). During dinner, there was a desi dance organized by the  hotel management and it added the final touches to the whole experience of pre-Taj day!

Taj opens everyday at sunrise except Fridays. The ticket counter was in a building called Shilpgram, close to the hotel and from there we could either walk or take a man driven rikshaw to Taj, no fuel-driven vehicles are allowed in the vicinity of the age-old monument. We were in a hurry to reach the entrance as one among the first visitors for the day, hence took a rikshaw. There were very less people on the roads and most of them were foreigners. After security check we entered the campus and found the place to be calm and beautiful in the first ray’s of morning sun. The place was peaceful except the tourist guides shouting to their customers, reciting their limited knowledge about the historical place. I would strongly recommend to avoid the service of such people and make use of a wonderful facility provided by Archeological Survey of India called AudioCompass. I would like to give more details of this in a separate post soon. In short, its a great audio guide that will emulate the feeling of being guided by a historical person walking next to you and taking you through the magnificence of the place you are at and its history. I am happy that we took the help of AudioCompass to make our visit meaningful and enjoyable.

We were yet to reach the main gate to Taj called Darwaz L Rauza. There are entries from three sides to a beautiful green pathway that leads to Darwaz L Rauza. It is indeed a great “darwaza” which announces the grace and chivalry of Mughal Empire. It is a marble structure adorned with floral motifs.


The view of Taj as you enter this great gateway is the most breathtaking moment as if you are entering paradise. I literally could’nt take my eyes away from the Taj at a distance covered with graceful pathway through the flowery garden. The sun had just risen and its rays were engaged in a sweet morning kiss with the beauty in white marble. If  I were alone there, I would have not moved from the spot for hours!


Taj mahal is situated in a building complex that consists of a spacious garden with a wonderful fountain structure in the center. The whole campus gives all together an eternal feel as one walks towards the ivory-white structure in the end. Behind the Taj structure flows the Yamuna. As I was getting closer and closer to the Taj, AudioCompass was explaining the famous love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. The feel was complete with the serenity of the space, the morning sun,  the story in my ears, the flowers in the garden and the gentle breeze.


We entered the mausoleum, saw the sarcophagi of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan. Enjoyed the marvelous handcrafts of Mughals. Each work in the structure is self-explanatory and intriguingly expressive of its greatness that any common man can have great pleasure in seeing it. After coming out of the main structure I stood at the southern side balcony overlooking the tranquil Yamuna.  Shah Jahan might have stood right here with his heart weeping for his lady love. He might have told to Yamuna how much he missed her, standing right here. I could feel his pain from the undeniable beauty of Taj, standing tall above me.


I walked back through the garden under the shades of giant trees in the Mughal garden and sat in silence for some time under the shade. It was a nostalgic feeling to sit there in the garden of great emperor Shah Jahan where every stone and tree breaths stories of decades.

I was wondering whether Mumtaz herself had ever even dreamt of being this much beloved to her man that he created this paradise on earth, which became a universal monument of timeless love and people from far away nations too would travel across the globe to catch a glimpse of it.


You can read about the structural beauty of Taj from numerous sources available. But, believe me, none of them can describe the love that will fill your heart, when you are there, standing in front of Taj Mahal, feasting your eyes and soul.




Exploring ones’ self and what does it really mean

What does it mean by exploring yourself?

How come you cannot get to know someone who is with you for more than 20 plus years?

If that is not possible without any deliberate efforts how can we expect to know any other person for that matter?!

The answers can be derived from these thoughts .. 

Each and every one of us does not really know who we are . Who we are includes the main question- what do we want. There are three kinds of realms for any person’s ego: one which I think who I am, another that others think who I am and the one that I picturise that others think who I am . 

It’s hard to know who we are really  and needs lot of courage and determination. All of us are prejudiced by the society we live in. The values inculcated in us by our respective cultures, the boundaries created by gender based taboos , local and global defenitions of right and wrong as interpreted by so-called gentlemen and ladies in fore-front , the books we came across, aura of people we met and got influenced by … All these and many more causes the creation of a personality by each one of us . We define ourselves by that personality. It forfeits what we really want and what we want to do. This is the reason why we must put deliberate effort to know the truth. Take courage to face that truth that I am exactly  not like this part as defined in that created personality or I don want to be like this. 

It needs a clear mind and intellect to see what is what and find ourselves from all those clutter since the opposing force is deep-rooted. And for a very long time .

It needs experiments with people , places, things and situations to figure out how to know ourself. That is the journey that one should take up willingly. 

Hope you will excercise that courage and let me know what you got. With love..

Your eyes!

What should I do to save myself from you.

Your eyes, like a stiletto, piercing my soul 

In and out.. Out and in

Oh! It’s so painful

Everytime you look at me

Like a silly moth draws itself to light, knowing the lesson

What am doing is being closer and closer to u

As if letting myself bleeding from your stilettos

As if that’s the only thing I want of this whole world

It’s fuming inside me .. The way your eyebrows twitch when you look at me.. Oh someone help me breath!

Am loosing my mind.. Trying to be here an there… Not looking at you .. Want to see only you.. But can’t stand u looking at me..

Where can I take shelter? May be .. May be ..

It’s in ur eyes….

Come let’s Define happiness

Quest for happiness starts way back to the origin of mankind. Even though we have a battery of god men claiming they have the key to happiness, it is obvious from this very post that key still remains lost. Why?

Happiness is not only about fun. People are in search of happiness. Which isn’t available anywhere unless with a time tag. It’s not the happiness that one must seek. It’s the inner peace . That must b the core. Happiness and sadness will come and go sun and moon . Like summer and winter . What should remain forever is the peace from within. People get confused. In what to seek . It is obvious that if u r not sure of what you want ,you will never get it. 

So what are you looking for ? Happiness or peace? 

First be sure what you want . Then think what you have . Are you in peace with your self? Are you struggling with your mind ? If you can feel the peace inside .. Then only thing remaining is to understand .. That you are in happiness or you are in sadness. Both won’t stay. Just step aside and watch. Both will fade. Every time sun shines some flowers bloom an some gets dry. Every time night falls ,some flowers bloom some falls forever. Every season creates some change and leaves some mark behind . That’s how nature became so perfect with all its imperfection. 

It’s the same with you. Happiness and sadness are just causes that are peripheral. They may leave some shade on you. But the inner dynamics of your self is governed by the peace.

So let’s not search for happiness. The word is peace. Only that will remain forever. 

Value people who bring peace to your life. Not happiness. Because it’s the former that s going to stay forever.

Sane as in Insane

saneinsaneIt doesn’t mean am all ok

If I don’t throw that beautiful glassware on the table.. And watch it shatter on the floor

It doesn’t mean am insane

If I yell on top of my voice to the breeze that played with my hair..

It doesn’t mean am all ok

If you can see my lips parted from each other..

It doesn’t mean am insane

If I just enjoy myself whole of a rainy day just watching the drizzle falling on my palm..

It doesn’t mean am all ok

If I just walk around and make up the home..

It doesn’t mean am insane

If I laugh my stomach out again and again on the same ad in TV..

It doesn’t mean am all ok

If you don’t see kajal washed away from my eyes..

It doesn’t mean am insane

If I am “crazy”…

It doesn’t mean am all ok

If I am “normal”…


Am all ok.. Sane as in insane..


Missing you!!!

Every moment you are away from me,

My heart pounding is a vain.

People around me

Jumping and bumping

Still, Am not alive

No.. Not without you

 Everything about me must happen for you

Not for anything else .. not for anyone else….

Am not alive

Like a fish out of water

I am longing for breath

Yearning to get beside you….

Am not alive

 I want to rest on your shoulder.

Love is pain. In and out.

I miss u.

Am not alive..



38 Emotions You’ve Felt, But Couldn’t Explain

There are many feelings we can experience without an actual word that describes the sensation. These are like poems. If you get up and read them as such, giving proper weight and pause to each phra…

Source: 38 Emotions You’ve Felt, But Couldn’t Explain


This is a wonderful post that I stumbled upon just now. As suggested by the author, pause at each phrase and give a thought.

When you gaze at the clouds calmly for a long time, you can see pictures drawn by the nature. May be a smiling face, a flower bud, a small hut.. Its just the same kind of feeling I got after reading this post. So many emotions combine and intertwine to create some feelings that can be sensed clearly, but cant be defined. Nighthawk and keyframe are the ones that connects with me greatly.

What’s yours?

Let me know with your comments!!