Exploring ones’ self and what does it really mean

What does it mean by exploring yourself?

How come you cannot get to know someone who is with you for more than 20 plus years?

If that is not possible without any deliberate efforts how can we expect to know any other person for that matter?!

The answers can be derived from these thoughts .. 

Each and every one of us does not really know who we are . Who we are includes the main question- what do we want. There are three kinds of realms for any person’s ego: one which I think who I am, another that others think who I am and the one that I picturise that others think who I am . 

It’s hard to know who we are really  and needs lot of courage and determination. All of us are prejudiced by the society we live in. The values inculcated in us by our respective cultures, the boundaries created by gender based taboos , local and global defenitions of right and wrong as interpreted by so-called gentlemen and ladies in fore-front , the books we came across, aura of people we met and got influenced by … All these and many more causes the creation of a personality by each one of us . We define ourselves by that personality. It forfeits what we really want and what we want to do. This is the reason why we must put deliberate effort to know the truth. Take courage to face that truth that I am exactly  not like this part as defined in that created personality or I don want to be like this. 

It needs a clear mind and intellect to see what is what and find ourselves from all those clutter since the opposing force is deep-rooted. And for a very long time .

It needs experiments with people , places, things and situations to figure out how to know ourself. That is the journey that one should take up willingly. 

Hope you will excercise that courage and let me know what you got. With love..


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