Come let’s Define happiness

Quest for happiness starts way back to the origin of mankind. Even though we have a battery of god men claiming they have the key to happiness, it is obvious from this very post that key still remains lost. Why?

Happiness is not only about fun. People are in search of happiness. Which isn’t available anywhere unless with a time tag. It’s not the happiness that one must seek. It’s the inner peace . That must b the core. Happiness and sadness will come and go sun and moon . Like summer and winter . What should remain forever is the peace from within. People get confused. In what to seek . It is obvious that if u r not sure of what you want ,you will never get it. 

So what are you looking for ? Happiness or peace? 

First be sure what you want . Then think what you have . Are you in peace with your self? Are you struggling with your mind ? If you can feel the peace inside .. Then only thing remaining is to understand .. That you are in happiness or you are in sadness. Both won’t stay. Just step aside and watch. Both will fade. Every time sun shines some flowers bloom an some gets dry. Every time night falls ,some flowers bloom some falls forever. Every season creates some change and leaves some mark behind . That’s how nature became so perfect with all its imperfection. 

It’s the same with you. Happiness and sadness are just causes that are peripheral. They may leave some shade on you. But the inner dynamics of your self is governed by the peace.

So let’s not search for happiness. The word is peace. Only that will remain forever. 

Value people who bring peace to your life. Not happiness. Because it’s the former that s going to stay forever.


6 thoughts on “Come let’s Define happiness

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