Hope called “love” !!!


I thought you are my everything, 

And I am your everything.

When my wit hesitated to accept it,

Then I did not know that my heart will have to pay for it.

I hoped you will be the cold breeze for my weeping heart.

Spring of my love lingered to bloom… always waiting for next spring.

I knew what love is.. I felt what love is….. The day I knew you…

I did not believe in duets and poets,till…..The day I knew you…

I knew the depth of beauty in them…. The day I knew you..

Somebody had told me that love is the most beautiful pain on earth…

I laughed.. “He is the prince of dreamland..”

Now I know..his heart..his pain.. as mine..

Am waiting for you..

As a sapling in sun waiting for a drop of water..

Can you see me? You are away from me.. Far Far away..

Am waiting for you..

In lonely darkness.. With a heart full of first love…

I have forgotten me long ago..

Now I have only U.. only U…

I do not know whether u have me..

But I do not have myself with me..

I am lost… I am lost in you,my love……

Dedicated to all in love!!!♥

 pic courtesy: theodessyonline.com


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