Being sensitive and sensible


Hey there,

 Are you a sensitive person? In great distress? Having those horrible hopeless look on your face? If you think you need a mirror now to check that ……… then you need not read this post…you are not that hopeless. Or, if you are nodding to my last question without a second thought, come along.. let’s talk  for a while here.

A very good morning. It’s a beautiful morning with my mind and air in calmness. Its a great idea to talk about and think about our feelings when we are not submerged in those feelings. Whatever it might be .. Be it love,anger, happiness, sadness….It always helps when you give your emotions their own time. So I have learned a way to help myself and hope that it helps you too. There are times when we feel bitterly low. As low as in a trench. Having no hope of better tomorrow. What you can do then? Just indulge in that feeling. Fully. To the deepest. Do not try to resist it. You try to swim up the river, you will get more hurt. Do justice to all thoughts evenly. Be it happiness or sorrow.

Happy? Be beaming with joy..

Sad? Moan till your eyes pain..

Wanna love? Love with all your heart…

BECAUSE.. THAT IS WHAT DEFINES YOU. You are lucky that you have a sensitive heart, just like a baby. Celebrate the sensitive person you are!!  See the touch-me-not.. Don’t you think that plant is more of life than any other plant on earth?!!


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