Who am I & Why am I here

Hello All,

 I am a fun loving person who likes to hang out with friends, watch sci-fi movies, read, dance(should have been first in the list!), sing, crazy about DIY stuffs, fascinated about learning new things and the list goes on. Also, I am a scholar doing research in electrical engineering, to speak about my career.

And coming to why I am writing a blog is .. foremost reason being making myself capable of thinking clearly. I think, when we put something on writing we will try to make things clearer inside our head. Writing for others to read, helps to remove a lot of clutter from our thoughts, which I seriously look forward as a target. Second reason why I write is to share my views on life. Since young age, I was fascinated about people. How different they are, their thoughts, attitude, beliefs. Its so fascinating to study people.. just like colors in a rainbow. Colors merged together beautifully, still demarcated across the spectrum. People with clear distinguishing characteristics exist in fairy tales only. In real life, we cannot find any person who is clearly a Rama or Krishna  neither clearly a Ravan or Kamsa. Hence it is so interesting to observe people, at least for me, to think about their traits in different dimensions. I want to write my thoughts and my views on life and relationships here, in my blog. I love to listen to people with like minds, who have quirky views about things around. So.. that’s why I am here!.



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