The face I wish to keep in mind

Hello there,

This is my first blog post. I was yearning to start a blog post since long. I love studying people; their eyes. I love to go into their world created by me, from the things I know about them. Sometimes I get into their probable thoughts so much that I feel exhausted myself. This trait of mine was sometimes rewarding;( at times punishing as well). I think it would be good (quirky..LOL) to share the incredible moments I had in such encounters.

Today I want to tell you about a girl I meet every day, whose face I want to remember every day. I will tell you what is so particular about her first; before telling who she is. The word is “content and happy”. She is always smiling, playful. There is a vigor in her eyes that grasps you when you look at them. She stares at people with a warm welcome, wondering why they all aren’t joyful as her. I see her almost every day. She comes to my house daily morning, when I will be struggling with silly day-to-day chores, cursing everything around me to get ready for a new day. She smiles at me, asks something so silly with her innocent eyes looking at me with wonder.

You might be breaking your head guessing who she is.. Let me add to your guesses.. A neighbor-hood kid? Friend’s daughter? My daughter’s friend? A toddler?A baby? My daughter?!!!… Sorry .. None of the above.

It’s the waste-picker girl,who comes to my house daily and make me feel enlightened everyday. The happy, joyful girl, whose face I want to keep in mind always, is the “khachara-vali” of our community. She might be of age somewhere between 16-20. She doesn’t go to school. She doesn’t have good food to eat; forget about pretty dresses. The chudidhar she wears will be torn at least in three or four places. But she carries herself so well, as if she is wearing the prettiest suit; with hair plaited neatly, a hanging earring that is old but dangling beautifully. She picks the dirty thrash from every household,(sad to say.. most of the people doesn’t care to put their thrash enclosed in garbage bags.. making even the sight of the garbage collector’s van a glimpse of hell), fills her garbage van with them, crams the thrash with her long strong stick and move on to the next door leaving a wide smile at every door step.

Even though I give a few minutes for thought every day, to break the mystery behind her joyful aura, I never succeeded. She goes to around 200 houses each day to collect garbage. She doesn’t have nice house or vehicle. If some illness gets to her, she wont be able to earn her daily wages even. Still she is happy for …. whatever it is; detached from all worries.

I get inspired by her. Whenever I feel low, I wish to flash her smiling face across my mind. In fact that smile is more infectious than Sonam kapoor’s white teeth smile(sic) for… Colgate? Pepsodent??? Whatever..

I want you too to search for such faces around you. Cherish them. It gives you the best of humanity.

PS: I would recommend you all to do one deed for humanity sake. Kindly use garbage bags to throw your thrash. I know so many of us cant even stand the sight of a garbage bin. There are illiterate garbage pickers around there who doesn’t know or can’t afford to follow hygiene while doing their job. Isn’t it a crime to let them touch the used sanitary napkins or infected, rotten food waste?



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